Ice Report Milepost 8, Lake Christina, Ashby

Current temp: 20D F, Calm

A brief drive yesterday yielded two lakes which show great promise as sites for next weeks Great DN Western Challenge Regatta.

Christina has lost some ice, significant open water was visible from the launch site.

Dead Lake, West arm, was completely frozen yesterday afternoon / sunset and show great promise as an alternate location. Suitable size (about 2 miles across), launch site with ammenities, current ice. yahoo map dead lake

Both of these lakes are about 20 minutes drive from the Primary Headquarters location.

Big Pine Lake, Perham MN was also reported frozen last weekend and bears watching as does West Battle Lake.

We have a favorable icemaking forecast over the next week, 5 big shallow lakes to track without compeling moving the regatta headquarters. intellicast forecast, fergus falls

This ice reporter will check the I 94 / US 10 ccorridor from Fergus to Minneapolis today and a detailed report on optional locations will be posted late this afternoon.

its gonna be great