Wild Buffalo's-Sexy Ice

Me and Tom & Tom were driving home from Fegus tonight.(Sat.) Stopped at Buffalo Lake on our way back tonight,at 10:30pm.From launch site. the ice is absolutley sexy. There is no snow or drifts. The ice is absolutley smooth black ice as far as we could see. The ice appears to be about 2-3" thick. It was dark we only walked out about 50 feet. the Temp. was 15 deg. a heat wave after a day at Dead Lake.
From what we could see this is going to be some awsome ice for sailing tomorrow. Further investigations should be made in the daylight.
For those of you who couldn't make it up North to Dead Lake, here's your chance to get out for some of the best looking ice there will be this season. Everyone from Dead Lake is coming down in the morning. Load up your boats kids it's is going to be a blast out there.
It sounds like the plan is to be reorganized and back on the ice sailing by 11:00 am Sunday.

The wind at the 11:00 is

The wind at the 11:00 is suppose to be out of the N/W at 15, and a heigh of 17 should make for a great day of sailing.


DN 5050

DN 5050