Great Western Challenge races now on-line at

Races 1-5 are now available on the Kattack web site If you already have the player, they should just show up at the top of the list. If you don't have the player, you can download it once you've registered on the web site - it's free(

We didn't have GPS units on all boats, only a few from each fleet. Maybe next event we can get more.

Top boat speed on Saturday went to Ron with a peak speed of 51.8 knots.

Hint: The player was designed to replay "softwater" sailboat races and replays the races at 10x clock speed. This makes the iceboat races go pretty quick. You can slow things down by stopping the races and single steping forward and backward using the buttons on the bottom of the screen or the spacebar and "GreaterThen" & "LessThen" keys.

email with any questions

Race 4, that spin

The beauty of Kattack is you get to relive those really big spins with your buddies later,... can't wait to hear the 5298 story in race 4.

Rib buster

I'll tell; I'm not too proud.

It was blowing stink and life was good as I rounded the first windward mark right on the heels of another boat. As we settled in on our downwind run, I didn't want to be directly behind him, so I headed up just a hair to stay clear.

And the next thing I knew, I was spinning like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. "There's no place like home, there's no place like home." The runners were grinding, snow was flying and I was starting to taste my lunch . . . again. On the kattack playback, which is cool by the way, you can see the speed of my boat drop from the 40's to zero in a matter of seconds. It also displays the boat's course, via a breadcrumb, that looks like a loop-to-loop.

One conclusion -- operator error.

While I'm writing, I want to say thanks to JD, the doctor, Ron, Jan, Jeff, Greg and all the other Gold fleet guys who all weekend long took the time to answer questions on boat tuning. If you're new to the DN, like I am, make a plan to attend next year. It's not a highly intense regatta. It's more like a three-day rolling seminar. Look. Ask. Experiment. . . . and drink a few beers.

Scott Brown
5298 Whoop