Where's the ice in the Twin Cities

Rumor has it that Lake Minnetonka froze the other night as one big beautiful sheet of ice. If the main lake is sailable, then we'll be sailing out of Allen/Pratt location in cottagewood. Cottagewood USA Launch Site

Other options could be
Wayzata Yacht Club

Spring Park Bay Landing

Looking for any comments from the peanut gallery or people who have looked at the ice.


Calhoun froze Monday. But still some open water in the middle as of Thursday, AM.


Tonka Ice

5pm. Just came in from the ice. Guideons bay has only a weak 1 1/4" thick out past Spoils Island. 6" between Shorewood Yacht Club and Spoils Island.
Drove around the lake about noon, Lafaette Bay, Guideon's Bay, Excelsior Bay and out in front of the Tonka Bay launch all look great but they all froze the same night as Guideons so I'm sure ice thickness is about the same. Still quite a bit of open water on the Main Lake. Wayzata bay also looks good. We have 3 Nites, 1 Skeeter, and 1 DN set up here at SYC just a wait'n. Maybe tommorrow.