Minnesota Ice, Week 3 Recap, Upper Minnetonka

Upper Minnetonka, 15 DN's sailed, a couple Arrows and other craft joined us on the ice.

Two nearly perfect days of rumbling on "light speed" grade ice, lots of rips, 4824 and 4975 set the pace, freshly issued sail numbers 5366, 5369, and KA 1 all seemed really quiet.

The most fun was had by Molly the Iceboating dog.

The Spar "Stinktier Werks" boys, Dave & Tom had three new carbon masts on the ice, they all seemed pretty happy with the spars.

Sailing continued until Sunset, changing over to angle runners in the dying, and barely perceptable breeze, KA 2, Norton, took a sunset ghost ride, sailing, not pushing in perhaps 3 mph of wind.

Short course experiment was postponed.

Sailors note: this body of water has a couple of remarkable hazards. One depression in the ice filled with 8-12" deep water gave up a couple cold showers, when boats sailed thru, wave over bow.