White Bear Lake Update - 12/9

White Bear has near perfect ice conditions. We had something like 25 Nites, a handful of DNs and a few other craft out there today. Winds were only 6 - 11 mph or so, but some nice rides anyway.

Forecast for Sunday is similar. Best breeze may be early morning.

Dr. Lee-vil
Nite 512

Sunday PM

The early look to the ice was just frost on the surface which quickly disappeared with the morning sun. Conditions are perfect once again today. Breeze is 8 - 10 mph. Heavy ice boat traffic.

Two areas of caution: between the Peninnsula and the Island there is surface water along a pressure ridge. The ridge was present Saturday, but changed overnight. Stay toward the tip of the Island to avoid it. Also, a similar wet spot off of Bellaire Beach on the south shore. Stay between the fish houses and south shore to avoid it.

Game On!

nite action

25 Nites? Do you guys line them up or just cruise around?

Mostly Cruising

There were a few informal races Saturday and Sunday thanks to a few guys from Pewaukee who brought their boats up. There are a few experienced racers on WB, but most of us are not. I think there would be some strong interest in racing if the conditions continue to be so great this season.

I saw two broken Nite springboards today (folks who found the pressure ridges too late) and I broke my forestay yesterday (wear and tear).

Sunday AM

It stayed well above freezing all night. The ice has a very different look to it this morning. Maybe after some coffee I'll wander out and see if it really softened up. Not much wind right now anyway.