Introduction to iceboating.

New to the Twin Cities from Michigan and looking for an introduction to iceboating. I saw the recent post on SailingAnarchy and would like to see what it is all about. i have sailing and kiteboarding experience and spent the summer on a j22 on minnetonka if that helps. willing to travel. Thanks!

Peter Cornue

No need to "try before you buy"... are into kiting/sailing, you live in MN, and you are willing to travel.

I've done all that stuff and a hell of a lot more - iceboating leaves them all in the dust, literally and figuratively.

So what are you waiting for?

If you want to race, buy a DN ready to go with a glass of carbon fiber spar at the minumum. You will NOT regret it!

See you on the ice, Peter! :--))

US 5366

i always try before i buy.

adam- im waiting for you to put a DN on my plate for an "introductory" price. any leads? thanks for the post.



Peter- Are you the person that sailed with Mike Miller this summer?

We will be sailing out of Cottagewood on Sat & Sun if you would like to stop by you are more than welcome to take my boat for a spin.

More importantly, as soon as the snow flies we will be out Kite Skiing all winter long it would be great to see you on the ice.



Andy. Thanks for the post. I dont believe I met Mike Miller this summer. I was sailing with Bob Slocum in the combined series. I would like to make it this weekend and try some boating. Is Cottagewood a launch on Minnetonka? can i get some more details about when and where you will be? i haven't quite convinced my skeletal system to try snow kiting yet but could be easily persuaded. lets talk.


check it out


Follow posts on this site for a location where everybody is going to setup. And then show up yourself. People start arriving about an hour before the first race. It's a great time to see the equipment, ask questions and get hooked. The current warm weather makes conditions so close to perfect and perfectly dangerous at the same time. Locations get locked in late Fridays.

When you decide to buck up some dollars, watch this site as well.

Another idea is to stop in White Bear Boatworks and talk to Jason. He sells Nites and probably has a line on used DN stuff as well.

will do, thanks.

will do, thanks.