Great day on lower lake Mtka ends in splinters

The ice was so sweet today. I had some great rips until a spin out ended my day.Awww crap!The first thing I noticed was the mast slowly going down. Then I looked to the side and the plank was gone! I was about two miles away from my launch spot. I lashed the broken piece of the plank to the remaining plank with the mainsheet so I could push it home. Then Andy and Rats came by and we were able to fashion a tow by putting my front runner on Andy's plank and I straddled the bow of my boat and held onto the side stay of his. My broken plankPretty slick and it saved a long walk home.

new strategy

looks like you can really hug in tight next to the marks on roundings now.....bummer


Actually, I was kind of thinking I might have invented the first DN for gladiators. Dude gets too close it's Ben-Hur time baby.

We’ve all been there Tom.

We’ve all been there Tom. Avoiding the dreaded spin is paramount. Do you know what caused it? Dull runners? Ice hazard? Boat not balanced? Pilot taking a nap? This sport is all about trial & error; then trying not to repeat past errors; though new ones always seem to keep popping up. But that is certainly part of the fun.

The Professor

Do I have to admit it?

A tiny little jerk of the tiller at full speed. I was switching the tiller to my other hand so I could hold my helmet up to give my neck a rest... what a chopper.


Some sailors use their knees to hold the tiller straight when making a hand exchange, some use them more regularly. Certainly reduces the pinnball games inside the boat, which generally result in spins or out of boat experiences.

way to save the day brother

way to save the day brother Andy!!!!