Week 5 Minnesota Recap (spring park bay only)

15 DN sailed Spring Park Bay today... the ice was pebbled nicely as the curlers would say... little round dots of ice over a sheet of snow ice covering the mirror we sailed on Wednesday.

In 8-15 mph of breeze 15 DNs knocked off a couple heats in a more or less perfect Christmas Eve day sail... lots of old friends and new visiting the ice.

Amusingly Santa seemed to visit 602 today, demonstrating some serious gold fleet speed with a string of thirds to 4691 and 4824.

A number of other iceboats were also getting some great rips.

Week Six begins tomorrow... it'll be great... again.

All you need is ICE!


other sailors in other locations should feel free to post their sailing observations. please make note of the ice conditions... major regattas are on the immediate event horizon.