Minnesota - Week 5 Sailing

At sunset last night there was a fair amount of slush remaining on the ice surface of Lake Minnetonka.

Now that we've had a little while for that rain water/ slush to drain Lake Minnetonka, Sailors will walk the ice this morning... and post a report:

Wayzata Bay, 0815, Saturday, The slush surface is currently shell ice, that is, about 1/4 inch of matte as opposed to gloss finish surface ice, with about 1/2" of slush/water between the top layer, and the ice surface , yet to freeze. I expect it will freeze tonite, leaving us with an inch of snow ice over the wonder ice surface we had before the rain/snow on Thursday.

Having had some less than fun experiences on shell ice, this sailor will wait until tomorrow to sail...

It's supposed to cool down tonight, which should lock things down and make for an excellent Christmas Holiday Weekend and Week 6 on the Ice in Minnesota.

Several DN's, including Another New DN in the local fleet (it arrived last night), are planning to set up and sail Sunday in Spring Park Bay, starting at 11:00.

Merry Christmas to all, ...and to All, Good Ice!