Need book/instruction advice for a beginner

I am about to buy an iceboat but I've never sailed on solid water before.
I do sail on liquid water and I've skied across lakes pulled by a kite but I'm sure I have a lot of new things to learn. Including basics such as keeping it from flying away while I'm walking to shore to water a tree.
The man I buy the boat from will not be able to tutor me and I do not know any iceboaters so I'd like to buy a book to help me get started.

Could someone suggest one or some online source to help me get started or other good advice? I'm in NW Wisconsin about 40 miles north of Eau Claire.

Thanks! Steve.

Steve, The books listed are

The books listed are pretty good, the DN book Think Ice has good right of way info. If you want to borrow any of the boats listed, give me a call.
I would like to invite you to join us on Lake Pepin (if we ever get decent ice) We sail out of the Pickle Factory in Pepin and our club is comprised of recreational iceboaters.
Regards and Good Ice
Ed Newcomb
Lake Pepin Ice Yacht Club

Out of print but great books and where to find them.

Ice Boating A Complete Guide
Smith S Calhoun

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Iceboating: Your Guide to the Fundamentals and Fine Points of Buying, Sailing, Racing, and Maintaining Your Craft
Levy, Natalie
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Sailing on Ice
Andresen, Jack

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Think Ice!

A classic piece of American Literature. This timeless view of iceboating, particularly DN sailing is current today in it's millenium edition.

Available through the IDNIYRA website, follow the Links page to get there.

Also, there are iceboaters in Duluth...

Think Ice