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The bug has bit me bad. I just gotta ice boat, that being said, I've got all the skills to build a boat out of any material that the rules allow and intend to start with a DN. What I am not is a sailmaker. Where do most go to buy sails? There doesn't seem to be a glut of used out there and if it comes to it I'll have to go with a new one. Like everyone else I'd like to keep it cheap, but the sail just might be the most expensive item. I'm guessing that there are good sailmakers in the TC area, I just don't know who to trust.

Thanks in advance, Kent

building a DN


Unless you already have all the hardware, materials, and tools, it is far cheaper (and faster) to buy a complete used boat than it is to build one. Here is a fairly current breakdown of the costs in involved:

Build costs

FYI, used wooden masted boats are typically $1000-$1500, ally masted: $2000-$2500, carbon fiber masted: $3000+.

If you plan to race, even at the regional level, you will need a composite mast to be competitive.

As for availability, you may be S.O.L. for this season. Jane Pagel is your best bet - you could be sailing next weekend.

To answer your question, a good used sail is around $400-500.

Good luck!

DN Building costs.

I would agree with Adam, usually cheaper to buy than to build.
A good cost breakdown on DN building costs are on the Western Michigan IceBoat Club website.


The Quantum loft in Delafield, WI makes great iceboat sails. You see them all over up here.

Jane Pagel, of Sailing Specialists in Lake Geneva, WI has lots of used inventory including masts, sails and boats.

Thanks guys,seems Jane is

Thanks guys,seems Jane is the answer for a sail used.
As far as the building of a boat I beleive it or not have the cost down to ~ 500 bucks(eye brows raise). Ive got a 3'x4'x1/4" stainless plate from a buddy,plasma cutter at work, and plywood from my brother(defuncked boat project). I've taught canoe building and fix boats for a living(if you can call it a living)and use glass every day. Also, a source for many of the small parts i.e.there is a guy in my area that refurbishes grand pianos and the old sound boards are a magnificent source for otherwise discarded spruce,FREE! Ya I know buying one would put me on the ice this year, but I would need a 1000 bucks. Building allows me to build as the money allows a little at a time. I realize I won't sail this year, but thems the breaks.

Obviously the 500 dollar quote above does not include the sail and I'll have 1000-1500 when it is all said and done, but if there is a will there's a way and the will is there.
I don't plan to race.
Thanks again Kent

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$500 boat...

Go for it! Many of the Gold Fleet Sailors in Minnesota have built their own boats, it's not rocket science. I know a guy in central minnesota who's on the ice with a 100% self built program costing about $50. USD He's a multiskilled craftsman and an extraordinary scrounger... the boat is a DN, of sorts... but it sails, and he's out "rippin".

You'll be able to find a servicable DN sail for a couple hundred bucks, if you shop around (recommended). If you're really cash constrained and need to sail, you can always build a sail out of housewrap (Tyvek (r) Won't be pretty, but will drive the boat, you can get something up the mast for ~ 50 bucks this way... if you have access to a home grade sewing machine, and again don't value your time.

As for Racing, or Not ... please see our FAQ's ... Sailing Alone is a really bad idea...sailing around with other iceboats, without a perfect understanding of the Right of Way Rules,... equally so

ice is all you need!


4695, have no fear, I

4695, have no fear, I understand the dangers, part of why I don't want to race. I would be the danger to all other racers and when I start up I'm staying the H E double toothpicks away from everyone til I get the hang of things. I grew up on the St Croix and have fished it all my life. I watch ice every year on many bodies of water as I do not want to receive a Darwin Award and I fish alot. I too have been studying ice boating for a while and yes, Google is my friend. A friend of mine has a Nite and I intend to get some "duel time". Safety is formost on my mind. I do appreciate the concern,really, and like the iceboater attitude that I read and folks that I have talked with.


knee deep in the Hoopla