Week 7 Sailing in Minnesota - Great ... Again!

Too Many Lakes, Not Enough Time!


US 4811 and 602 are leading ice checking and reporting for WEEK 7 > Ice Sailing in Minnesota!

If I understood correctly it's their intent to SAIL ALL WEEK They're currently driving to North Long Lake, Hwy 371 Just north of Brainerd, MN Launch site is right off 371 on the NW Corner of the Lake...

or if Spring Park Bay looks good, (they're walking on it now and it shows promise!) they might set up and sail there.

Suspect areas are near: brainerd area, ice on new years day

Gull lake, Brainerd Webcam This area was sailed New Years Day! Excellent Conditions, Details in Comments!

Willmar MN Webcam The trace of snow they got has sublimed!

Alexandria MN Webcam Click on the preset location: [Lk Agnes & Henry]

Tip of the helmet! We're looking for ice reports, including snow cover on: Lake Waconia, Waconia, MN; Buffalo, Buffalo MN; Green Lake, Spicer, MN; Lake Minnewaska, Glenwood, MN; Lake Osakis, Osakis, MN; and Gull and North Long Lake near Brainerd, etc.... anybody game?

The Brainerd Lakes area, and the Willmar - Alexandria MN area are both we suspect worthy of examination, based on live webcam's that a number of lakes in Minnesota are Currently Suitable...
willmar new years day...

Please feel free to post current 1/1/07 conditions on this thread...

This sailor recommends checking the Brainerd area initially... suitable sized lakes looking good...

rice lake near Brainerd, New Years Day 2007

Just now planning where to check & sail... others interested in checking / sailing today should coordinate with 4695 to assure we've got an inventory of ice in hand... Regatta Decisions will be made based in part on our observations today!

Details later today...

Alexandria MN webcam, lake agnes in background

As always, sailors of all abilities are welcome at Minnesota Ice Sailing Assn. gathering spots.

Ice is all we need!


Re: Western Region Notice of

Re: Western Region Notice of Race This coming WEEKEND!
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2007, 01:04:53 PM » Quote

Just a friendly reminder that 2007 DN Western Regional Regatta is scheduled for this coming weekend – January 6&7th. There are numerous lakes within the Western Region that have ice and will make for a great regatta venue. The final location will be determined later in the week and an update will be provided on the Ice Hotline Wednesday evening after 6:00pm. (414) 297-9781 We will make every attempt to finalize regatta site location for other regions to attend with ample time to travel.

If you have ice within the Western Region and want to be considered please leave a message on the Ice Hotline (414) 297-9781.

Volunteers are still needed, so bring a friend and get them introduced to iceboating!

See you on the ice.

Mark Isabell
Western Regional Commodore

4811 and 602 to appear this morning on Waconia

1030 Start today, Lake Waconia, 4811 and 602 will check and sail on some ice a little closer to the metro area... Look for reports to follow from the ice.

Launch Site: NE Corner Public Access.

Update 1:00 PM local: 4811 reports it's a little "rumbly" in good breeze today and he's putting up the FO 1, speed sail isn't doing it, 602 is kicking him. Yesterday's ice was vastly superior. There are a couple holes in the sailing area that would have to be marked, (one SUV sized, a couple runner sized holes), Assessment: you could hold a regatta here, if you had to... reaffirms if it gets warm this will get pretty soft.

On behalf of the ice reporters...


Area Reports

Detroit Lakes area : "12/31/06 9:00pm No snow on any lakes, just a half inch or so of ice with one inch of water below it, should freeze in the next couple days."

Ottertail, Battle, Christina Pelican Area : "1/1/07 2:45 pm Yep, everything tightened back up last night, and the ice is even slicker than it was prior to the snow and rain event. "

Brainerd Lakes Area: 1/1/07 US 4811, "NOTHING LESS THAN A "9"... "Regatta Grade Ice"

Buffalo, & Waconia (Spring Park Bay observations): Expect firmed up snow ice, no snow cover, this sailor walked on Spring Park Bay yesterday afternoon, the entire surface is snow ice, no snow cover. Several small drain holes were observed, snowmobile tracks were evident, carbide tracks from front skis were visible, sleds didn't seem to be sinking into the snow ice / freezing slush. One DN was observed sailing. LAKES WACONIA AND BUFFALO WILL BE CHECKED TODAY BY RANKED SAILORS

Green Lake, Lake Minnewaska, Osakis, Miltona There was no snow in Willmar, little in Alexandria. We expect these two bodies would be about perfect also, they're driving on Minnewaska, 12" of clear hard stuff. Don't see an imperative to drive out there... today, it is an option if somebody feels adventurous.

Assessment and recommendation for week 7; Pick a lake, any lake> Look at it> Check in> It's probably great too, we'd love to hear. SO MANY LAKES... SO LITTLE TIME

Ice is Nice!


Comparative Driving Distances

Google Maps Driving Distances:

From: Brooklyn Center MN

Battle Lake, MN 167 miles
Nisswa, MN (Gull) 131 miles
Glenwood, MN (minnewaska) 120 miles
Osakis, MN 111 miles
Spicer, MN (Green) 102 miles
Waconia, MN 37 miles
Buffalo, MN 32 miles

There are about 25 potential venues within two hours of Minneapolis.

With this many this close, what should we be checking today?

Lake Waconia Report

US 602 reports;

The NE Corner Launch Site has a portage across the snow near shore of maybe 50 yards... beyond that:

"Looks fine. Ya It's Snow Ice about like Spring Park Bay, plenty hard today, no "shanties" in the sailing area, setting up right now.

If it gets warm this will probably get soft, we'd have to look at the forecast.

on behalf of 4811 and 602


Just walked out on Spring Park and Gideon's bay. Surface is an even frozen slush with almost no drifts. Not even close to what we've had but certainly sail-able.

Spring Park Bay Report > New Years Day

Rookie DN'er Andy M called to say he sailed Spring Park Bay on New Year's Day, he reports hard snow ice of a kind of oatmeal consistency, e.g., a little rumbly, the boat sailed "just fine" in light air.

On behalf of Andy,


Note: This Lake is currently unsuitable and not being considered for anything but recreational iceboating. (Size of Sailing Area, Housing locations, Political Considerations)

Tip of the Helmet!

Thanks for walking out and sharing your observations...


Brainerd Area

4691, 4811 and 602 sailed North Long Lake near Brainerd today...

4811 reports the following:
"This ice is good, the most critical would probably call it a 9... smoother than a baby's bottom... cars are driving on it,... vastly superior to what we've got in Spring Park Bay.

There may be some ice houses on a course on either lake.

Two cracks must be crossed to reach the fast ice big course sailing area on North Long,... one for sure requires a dismount, but it's not a challenge.

Gull Lake was not sailed, but there were no observed flaws from a shore observation after sailing North Long.

Either Lake would be suitable, the consensus was Gull appeared favorable because: proximitiy of sailing area to launch site (contemplating a launch at GLYC).


on behalf of 4811 and 602


Brainerd Area

"...I'm 50 miles N. of Brainerd and can tell you
my lake is pretty smooth after the rain, with scattered crud spots. I sailed my homemade rig today for abt 20 miles worth before the wind died off.

looking forward to trying out my "new-to-me" DN I will be picking up !!!"

on behalf of 'Blackice'


Tip of the Helmet!

Thanks for walking out and sharing your observations...