Moonlight sailing..

Anybody ever try a little moonlight ice sailing, or is that just plain nuts????



You should attach some kind of light(s) to your bow. Especially if there is more than one boat or snowmobiles out there. Another good reason for lights: people who might be out for a midnight walk on the lake would have a chance to get out of your way if they can see you.

moonlight sailing

those questions aren't mutually exclusive... the answers are yes and yes! :)

moonlight iceboating

I have many great memories sailing by moonlight on the frozen lake. I have done this on White Bear Lake, MN. Most of the time we had ample ice with no questions about any open water or unknown pressure ridges. Best if the wind conditions are light to medium. A little snow cover makes the visibility even better but it is amazing how well you can see in full moon light. I would have no hesitation going again with the right conditions but unfortunately the conditions seldom align perfectly. We have gone out in Stern steerers, two seat skeeters and DN's. Ice fisherman are freaked out as you sail by their ice-houses. An unforgetable experience.

moonlight iceboating

Bring a small GPS.. Conditions might change fast. After a long day of qualifiers at the worlds for DN's last year, a lot of sailers had a really hard time, finding back to the lounch site. It got dark aprox. 20 min after the finnish of the last race. I only found my way back to the launch site, because a fellow competitor brought a small compass. No one got hurt, and afterwards there were some good stories to tell.