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Sailed Prior Lake Today

pretty good ice on Prior ...sailed all morning till noon. 19 mph winds and good ice in front of Sand Pointe Beach Park and me straight across on Fairlawn Shores ..light winds tomorrow ,My boat is still up

Check out Prior Lake iceboating on you tube

if the snow stays away try Prior with me..

Pickle Factory ???

is it worth the drive to Pepin for some fun? Any chance the guy with the big skeeter in front of the Pickle Factory could get in touch with me.

Gott'a love MN

Played golf on Parkview this morning and sailed on Prior 1:30 12mph winds...

Prior Lake

sailed the old nite in front of Frost Point and the wind really got the old boat moving..thanks to Mike P for the new plank and John B for helping me line up the holes..

Moonlight sailing..

Anybody ever try a little moonlight ice sailing, or is that just plain nuts????

Soft ice

Can anybody give me some tips on what different runners work best for soft ice conditions?

Iceboating on Prior lake...

I have an old nite I'm sailing on Prior lake this winter..anyone else ever sailed on that lake???

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