Weekend Nite racing

Shorewood Yacht Club on Lake Minnetonka would be happy to serve as a base camp for the Nite sailors this weekend. We have 5 Nites set up out here now.
It's a smooth sail out to south Lower Lake from here, and the club house could be made availible for the bathrooms and warm-ups. Also, Maynard's restaurant can be sailed to from here for lunch. If the powers that be would like to concider this, give Mike a call. 952-221-7387

White Bear is also set to

White Bear is also set to go. Set up would be at White Bear Boat Works or the public access in the north bay. People often go to the VFW next to White Bear Boat Works for lunch and a bit of "liquid courage" The lake is all sailable but the racing would probably take place in the large part of the lake.