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NEAR PERFECT ICE CONDITIONS, are confirmed in the Alexandria, Minnesota Area. Lakes Ida, Miltona, etc. are completely snow free, have seen little if any snow all season.

Good ice with 1/4" light snow cover is reported on Lake Pepin off of Lake City, MN as observed from a sailing DN.

Of course it's probably too cold to snow this week. Temperatures will probably be under the sailing envelope for the weekend. Should be below zero F for daytime highs most of the weekend.

Today looks to be the best sailing day of the week, no sailing plans for the day are known, no additional updates are planned for the week.

No local sailing this week is anticipated for the first time this season. Due only to extreme cold temps.


Lake Pepin update 2.12.07

Lake pepin has a 1/4" - 1/2" light snow in middle of lake with 2-3 inches on Minnesota side from shore to about about 1/2 mile out. Middle is wind blown with nice ice however there are occasional snow "streaks" of 1-3 inches. I didn't get over to the Wisconsin side of the lake.