adjusting nite steering pedals

I'm too short to reach the factory settings. any tips on adjusting?

adjusting foot pedals on Nite

Flip the hull upside down on two sawhorses and then access the cockpit from underneath. It's a lot easier to make the adjustments looking right side up and you should be able to reach the pedals much easier. Make sure after you move them they are an even distance from the forward bulkhead with the steering chock centered.

Thanks for the tips

Thanks for the tips

easy fix

I'm 5'10" and had no problems setting my factory equipment.

Each pedal is attached to the steering cable by a small plate of steel squeezed together by two bolts. You should be able to crawl into your cockpit head first, loosen the bolts, and then move the pedal down the steering cable to whatever position you want.

Since I have had mine out of

Since I have had mine out of the boat to paint I believe you will have to make the pipes the pedals are attached to longer as you can hang the pedals anywhere on the cables. May want to give John Ritter a call at S&R Marine (Nite builder). Konr Nite 470