Spammers, you're wasting your keystrokes.

This crap will all be purged from the site today. Don't bother with any more.

Ban the Bastids by IP

Ban the Bastids by IP address if possible. Nuke thier membership.

knee deep in the Hoopla

Give 'em hell!

What a pain- hope the problem isn't too persistant


Ice is nice, heat is beat!

up late nuking membership..

now you have to have admin approval to be a user..
we'll be asking you some questions...

questions,,, damn

OK, we're iceboaters,

and the first ammendment means a lot, to a lot of us...

ya should be able to say a lot here, as long as we're talking about iceboating... in light of what's been purged, imho appropriately,

this site is about iceboating... try to stay on point, at some level.