Spring Park Bay, Tuesday, 11am, March 20 - Leave work NOW!

From 4695 and KA1....

SPB ice is hard, fast, a bit bumpy.

4 DNs are out ripping now. Lots of power-hikes.

Cloudy so it should remain hard all day.

Winds 13 to 20, forecast to moderate later in the afternoon.

Packing up now...


Adam, don't pack it in yet,

Adam, don't pack it in yet, The ice is even better in Spring Park now, was out all day today, and it's just getting bettter, very sailable ice. a little slushy, but no puddles or spray. You could have left some wind for the rest of us though. a bit light but still a lot of fun. Got a bunch of great rips in today-Thurs.
Hoping it will last for another couple of weeks.
Might have to migrate North, to keep on sailin till the end of April.

DN 5050

DN 5050

yup, it's been pretty good all day...

sailors are taking a lunch break, 7 returning calls, ice was hard when we left the ice... inserts over angles (don't hold in the gusts)by a bit.

of course it was really soft yesterday... it could get mushy this afternoon... cloud cover has been a blessing.

it's great right now... 3 quick phone calls, a couple emails... and i'm going rippin this afternoon.


I can hang it up now!

Today was just unreal - what a great way to end the season!

More power and grip than you could ever use and fantastic speeds even on softer ice. KA-1 clocked a 54 mph on the GPS, and that was when the wind was "light".

From 6-7 pm it really blew up, the ice got firmer, and the speeds passed well into the ludicrous zone. Five boats at 50+, neck and neck.

My plank has been stripped of all varnish on the leading edge from flying ice.

Personally I could not ask for a better season. I am done; bring on summer!