Otter Tail Lake

From a fishing report: 04/01/07 08:34 AM Otter Tail lake still covered with ice except where the river comes in. I've been up here since Friday afternoon and our rain gauge in now up to 4" since we got here.

Average Temp for the last 5 days has been 20F, -7C

Of course they got about 3-- 5" of snow on Tuesday, blown around pretty good, some has sublimed, some is still on the ice... less to the south more to the north...

Detroit is frozen but lots of snow covers.

Lake Minnewaska, 15 miles south of Alexandria is open. Lake Ida north of Alex is reported to have a couple holes visible.

I plan to Drive north on 78 from Ashby, on a sailing expedition tomorrow... Checking lakes Pelican, Christina, Battle and if necessary, Ottertail. We'll set up on the first one that looks suitable... if no conditions are found, stop for brunch and return.