Easter Sunday 2007 or "Just when you thought it was safe to put your boat away for the season"....

..the Icemaker calls from the road. "Good ice in Alex", is the main point of his 59 second, 10 cent call.

The forecast for Easter Sunday is looking very good. 34 degrees, N winds 8-11 mph. Stay tuned....

US 5366

Monday might be good for

Monday might be good for me...Easter Sunday is out.
Keep us posted Mr. Icemaker as to where conditions, hazards, etc...
Any chance you can post some pic.'s of the conditions?
It would be fun to get big red out one more time this year.
Anyone interested in carpooling Mon.?

DN 5050

DN 5050

She ain't sung yet!

Let's go girls!, it's been making ice up there since Monday night!

602, 4811, 4695, at least one KA boat, and others will be sailing Sunday near Alexandria... we'll go to the ice, currently solciting reports and access areas...

We're doing another short course pilot series... hopefully get it in the film can.

If you have a 2x12 or two, bring them... it's probably prudent to have planks to get across the rain swolen shore areas...

Too windy today & tomorrow to sail... sailing may continue thru Monday... possibly beyond as conditions permit.

Details will be posted by phone to this website as more information becomes available.

It's gonna be epic, that be right.