Spring Season 07, Minneota is now done

Last weekend was sailable up north of the Alexandria area, I walked on several lakes, and returned with dry feet, did not sail only because of family commitments.

No interest remains in pushing the edges of sanity on soft spring ice beyond the boundaries we've already set. November 23 to April 15th... snowed out two weekends, too cold to sail 2 weekends,

Thats a season... 21 frozen Weekends in Minnesota, less 4 frozen out... 17 Weeks of Sailing completed... on the ice, in Minnesota - Chalk up another season where NOBODY IN THE WORLD SAILS MORE THAN WE DO!

The Next Expected Boatable Ice ... in the World. July 1, 2007 Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego , Argentina! It's a bit of a drive from Fargo,ND, say about 10,000 miles, just for a Beagle Beer to wash away the road dust. ... but then again, easier than driving to Ireland... If we leave "right now" we'd be there about the time it freezes... Expect ice reports to be posted in Spanish, by the time we get there I'll know the language.

Ice Reports from Milepost 8, Lake Christina, Ashby, MN will begin in early November. Agruably closer to the end of the world than Ushuaia... hmmm... about the same population density, harsher climate?, then there's distance to civilization, and that gets subjective. Neither venue amusingly has a restaurant named Milliways, I believe I would use it there.

The 2007-08 Season is going to be simply ....

AMAZING Look forward to announcements about upcoming and exciting new things for next season, in the next weeks...

after 15,000 years under sail, 400 of them on the ice...sailing might never be the same after next year.

4695 the icemaker

end of story,