Not Yet!

NOT SO SOON GIRLS,... DN 5404, uh, that be a new number, from the Hackensack/Walker neighborhood made a pretty optimistic assessment of his local lakes, and is contmplating a sail tomorrow......Not Yet!

I told him if he found something he thought was boatable, some guys were sure to come up & rip.

We've got a speed lab expiriment we'd like to run, really bad.

Tip o the helmet to "Chatterbox" 4811 for pushing the issue... darn were all busy these days...

$0.02... here's hopin for walker bay!

Bringing a Hawaiian Shirt to sail in!

Game on?


Walker Bay Update 4-13-07

Just got back from Walker Bay - there looks to be far too much
snow on the ice as of yet. Drifts of 6-7" still exist, and
mostly the bay is all white yet. There is plenty of ice (12+),
and you can walk out from the city park no problem. I took 2
pics but don't yet know how to post them here - will send them
to Icemaker, maybe he can get them up. One note of concern is
the random 6-7" wide cracks which are appearing as the ice expands
in all this heat.
Sorry to say, the lack of wind today and tommorrow coupled with
all the snow remaining on the lake could make for tough going
out there. I wish it wasn't so - I for one was really looking
forward to boating in 55F weather. Oh was worth a shot.

Blackice / 5404

Whut open water ??

Not yet / Walker Bay

Nice pic Icemaker. Yes to all interested - I will be checking
Walker BAy tommorrow and will post findings here and to Icemaker.
Slush runners will be a must, for sure. Temps saturday will be
50-55, but winds will only be NW @ 5-10 :-(. Still, Walker Bay
lies NW-SE so 10 might be enuf. Heres hoping for one more day.!!!


Whut open water ??