Western Challenge Dates: Dec 7, 8, 9 -

The Western Challenge Retatta Committee, such as it is, invites cordially invites the world again to kick off the iceboating season in Minnesota this fall, in what's going to be the biggest fastest spectacle in sailing.

The Dates for the Regatta, are Dec 7,8 & 9 Best Ice, Western DN Region. The rationale for this weekend is simple, the Thanksgiving Holiday is very early, we've got little kids competing in the DN Ice Opti NA's concurrent with our event, and frankly, while I don't mind putting adult competitors on thin ice, I'm a bit reluctant to put somebody else's little kid on the ice we've been sailing on in recent years.

We've got some additional exciting plans for a new on the ice event, exciting new race course, which I suggest we call the Kiefer Course, of course, and made for TV Format. Enabling us to bring the story of the greatest game in sailing to the world.

More soon

it's gonna be amazing!

Western Challenge....

Hi icemaker -

I agree about the children - nowadays one might even be charged
with "child endangerment" under some ice conditions.
However, I'm going to keep an eye on Lake Bemidji, as the early
December start date just might come at the right time for that
lake. (Walker bay of Leech lake is definately out). And, at the
north end of Lake Bemidji there is a golf course clubhouse - if
they are open (or WILL open for us), it could be a great venue.
In any case, I'll keep my eyes open for good ice....looking forward
to lots of sailing this year !!!

DN 5404/Blackice

Whut open water ??

Whut open water ??