2007 Western Challenge Regatta Planning Meeting...

The Planning/Org Meeting for the 2007 Western Challenge Regatta will be Thurs Evening, this week, at Wayzata Yacht Club, immediately following the Thursday Evening Race ~ 8:00 PM, ... attending hardwater racers, not of the softwater racing persuasion...e.g., Visitors, please park in the visitor lot... this will be a very brief meeting, in terms of the agenda... key decisions being made are regatta dates... and introducing...

some key initiatives we've been working on for several years, (in stealth /development dialog mode) leading towards taking the story of iceboating, the best game people play, to a larger audience are in our final stages of development for the year... and will be open for informal discussion, q/a session and crit review by and for the benefit of misa iceboaters.

If you're interested in the future, this would be a meeting to be sure to attend.

there are some very exciting anouncements about this event to be posted over the next week or so... stay tuned...

it's gonna be amazing.


Wanna Help

Ok, so I didn't see this post until way too late. How do I volunteer to help?
jim rosenthal - DN5362

jim rosenthal - DN5362