First big Lakes in Mn to freeze?

I'm new to the sport and eager to get going ASAP.
I'm in western Wisconsin but I'll travel.
Is Lake Mille Lacs popular for early season iceboating since its a bit farther north and I think shallow.
Any other places you would suggest I watch for the earliest ice?

Thanks, Steve.

I have sailed Mille Lacs

I have to admit that in my opinion, Mille Lacs isn't that great a place to sail. It is such big ice and there is so much shifting of the ice that pressure ridges form pretty quickly....and it is sometimes very difficult to get over them. Also, it usually freezes pretty rough. I go there once in awhile but it is usually just to try and get some very long rides.

If your near Burnett Co. in

If your are near Burnett Co. in Wisconsin you might find a few Icesailers on Big Sand. It looks pretty shallow so it could be an early freezer. That lake or Yellow in the same county would be large enough to hold an organized event but It's pretty far away from the good ice checkers. They might be worth checking if the Minnesota sites get a early season snow out. (I have never sailed them)

my cabin is right by big sand

Neil looks out on the Straights of MackinacI've got a cabin near hurtle. I've driven by big sand and wondered about it for iceboating.. Next time I head up there with the dog I'll check it out .

I've always thought that a weekend at the cabin iceboating would be great.

stay tuned

Mille Lacs? Not usually an early season lake.

The lakes within 30 miles of Alexandria are usually the first to freeze. The area is right on I-94 about 2 hours north of the Twin Cities. Stay tuned to this site. Someone will usually post a scouting report.

Being new to the sport, please allow a few more words -- Don't sail alone. Eager or not, things happen out there. Ice changes daily.