Great Western Challenge Regatta, Primary Site, Lake Pulaski, Buffalo MN

As of now, the primary site for the 2008 Great Western Challenge Regatta is Lake Pulaski, Buffalo, MN

There isn't a lot of extra room on the ice, but there should be plenty for what we have in mind.

Additional details to follow...

It's gonna be Amazing!


DN's on Pulaski

I thought about setting up on Pulaski today, and would except the forcast wind is 0.0 knots all day. Looking at the forecast, I plan to set up and sail Tuesday Afternoon, and leave my boat up there, unless another site emerges.

It's gonna be amazing!


Here are two shots of the lake today, Dec. 8

Here are two shots of Lake Pulaski, 5 degrees F and zippo for wind.

Lake Pulaski

Warmer forecast for Sunday, but even less wind, if that is possible! You'll need 7-10 kts to get moving thru the crust.