Kattack at Great Western Challenge

Kattack (www.kattack.com) is providing race tracking and replay for first ever Ice Opti North Americans being held in conjunction with the GWC. Some of the DN rock starts are doing a debrief and interactive training session at the kid's pizza party Sat. night.

I will have extra GPS units for any DN-ers that would like to give it a try - or bring one if you have one. It's great to watch the replay, relive how you smoked the competition and see who got max boat speed bragging rights. I'll try to find a place to show a replay (hopefully at the bar) on Sat and will publish the tracks to our web site so you can watch on-line at work on Monday. There's More....

If you are interested please email your:

name, sail number, and cell phone

to Tom.Verburgt@kattack.com


PS: All Velcro straps this year.....

The Great Western Challenge just got greater!

Don't pass up the opportunity to use and more important, get to know what Kattack can do for your racing program...

This is a great product built by great guys, and once the iceboating Kattacker learns how to sail, he'll be a serious threat there too.

It pains me to say it, but I am really impressed with what these guys are doing here!