Week 4 in Minnesota!

Minnetonka: 4691 and others may try to sail Lower Minnetonka, this reporter has no ice conditions there to report.

Pulaski: 602 has been on a roll, calling for Friday Sailing, and putting the fleet on very good ice in the face of oncoming storms now twice this season!

5 DN's sailed yesterday on Pulaski,in Buffalo, MN, at sunset the lake was wet and substantially clear of snow... As it's on the west edge of the predicted snow track we're optimistic that it will remain in sailing condition for Saturday, boats remain set up there. Sailing should begin someplace around 10:00

Both a Traditional Course of about a between the marks and a Closed "WIT" course were set on Friday, according to 602, the lake is large enough to race a 50 boat fleet. The second try at WIT Course development on Friday was about 1:15 Minutes a Lap in size. Bring your GPS. I expect both Courses will be sailed Today on Pulaski.

Penalty Box Productions shot some in boat and close sailing Friday in Buffalo

Casimir S. Pulaski Day

Couple of photos from Pulaski today.

Enough wind to snap mast tangs on hard snow ice. Almost plaid. Brothers Macca showed bravery and speed for newbies. Molly ran 20+ laps until finally catching 802 when his mast fell.

(But 3 boats? I never knew scrapbooking was so popular this time of year...)

Sunday is reserved for the criminallyinsane as far more wind is on the way (WNW 18G36).

Lake Pulaski, 12/22/2007

Hard-mouthed, defined.

Have a great Christmas everyone. I got my gift today!

WIT what?

Okay, I'll nibble: What is a WIT course?

Ken Smith

Ken Smith


The WIT is a concept that some guys (myself excluded) are attempting to build into a television program. It stands for World Iceboat Television or something on that order. It's based on racing about 6 boats at a time around a very short track. Lots of laps. Lots of mark roundings.

I'll hold judgement -- it's Christmas.


Short course

I've had a lot of fun on short courses. Even our full courses on Riley are a little short.

A fun one is a short windward leeward, 300 to 400 meters or so. That means extra tack or jibes will cost too much so it is a one tack, one jibe per lap deal. There is just enough time to get up to speed. Further advantages are there are no big surprises, with no crossing boats, just a continuous diamond with lots of roundings. Additional turning marks well inside the laylines can further organize the crowds. This might be better than a reaching course since in better simulates real racing in terms of mark roundings, and lets you practice efficient tacks and jibes.

this in no way replaces the challenge of full course racing, but if it's fun and fits the conditions, why not?

John Bushey

John Bushey

In the spirit,

Judgement? Hold that for a moment...

Iceboating is a sport that many of the players are pretty passionate about, myself included, it's great! Nobody's had more fun on the ice than me.

This is supposed to be an open forum about iceboating. If there's something we're musing or playing with that's controversial, which I'm ok with, this isn't a bad forum to air the dialog, is it?

It says, "Provide information regarding iceboating in the Minnesota area, and the world.." at the masthead of the website.

We're experimenting with racing on Maximum Fun Race Courses! If somebody doesn't think this is a good way to play the game, fine, they should or sure can say so here!

By experimenting and it's just that, some of them are showing pretty good promise, in terms fun per minute on the ice, the 150 yard course at the Western Challenge was 1: the only option for racing boats, that or scrapbooking, 2. Minute a lap dn racing is a hoot, ya just might like it. 3. If no other audience emerges, we're entertaining ourselves.

Wishing us all tidings of comfort and joy.

my dos centavos

Offering another option of a race course and style of racing is a good thing.Judging by this seasons activity due to the uncooperative attitude of mother nature, there would be no racing at all if it not for something like this. Making something TV friendly is, as well, a good thing that will help grow the sport. I suggest people try it before they bash it. Educated decisions are usually better ones IMO.

plus its easier and less dangerous to shoot!

happy festivus to all.

too soon to tell...

If there wasn't an iceboat ever built until today... say we'd never ever sailed or raced on ice until now... a clean white board if you would.

and you wanted to design a race course that was challenging, fun, exciting for the competitors...

and want to capture all of the racing, runner bolt to runner bolt with a single camera all the way around the couse,

and a televison/internet audience could actually understand, and be entertained by what was happening during the racing, (say some Bubba in Birmingham, AL who's never sailed, or even better, his sister).

What would that course look like?

It's just an idea...

Mtka on Saturday

Any body sailing on the main lake of Mtka today? Has it been sailed yet by anybody? The wet one inch snow last night may not have caused too much damage, based on my walk on ice this morning.
If so how about the Tonka Bay launch site?
Wind at MYC is 16 mph with gusts to 20. should be perfect.
The snow has pretty much stopped also.

Mike DN

Mike Miller

On 2nd thought

A further walk out on lake with a runner in hand revealed about 3/4 inch of slush that is freezing due to drop in temperatures. The runner slides fine, but with weight on it it breaks through the crust. As a novice who had a bad wipeout in similar conditions a few years ago, my guess is it may be dangerous out there today.
Any expert feed back on conditions today are appreciated.
I am anxious to sail!
Mike DN

Mike Miller

Pulaski on Saturday

Mark reports via text message at 1PM Pulaski is AMAZING. Very little snow and good wind. At least 4 DN's sailing now.

Mike Miller