Iceboat plans ???

I would like to build a very cheap boat I bought a sunfish sailboat last summer for $35.00 and would like to use the mast and sail from it to build an iceboat. I have been an auto mechanic for the last 20 years and am a avid woodworker. Does anyone know of anybody doing this or any plans availible, Please help

Thank you

Thank you all for the input seems like I should build a DN looked at this boat before i posted the question seems like the best boat to build Does anyone have a link to some free plans for this boat.

Had good ice on our lake for over a week, now 1 in slush, Live in sw Michigan



Good choice!

Scroll down on this page for plans:

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GP2360 My 1st iceboat was

GP2360 My 1st iceboat was built out of channel iron to use a borrowed sail from a sunfish, 2nd time out with some wind I shreaded the sail as all the rivets popped out...Sodus Bay and some guy felt sorry for me and let me sail his DN...scared me to death and still is 40 years later...that pile of iron is probably still in a garage somewhere in Rochester, a cheap dn and rebuild it, don't sail alone in this iceboat you come up with....Pete US2360


If you have good woodworking

If you have good woodworking and metal skills why not just build your own beautiful DN from scratch? Check out the history, the DN was a Common Man boat, designed from day one to be built by hand, at home, from scraps, for a few bucks. DNs are fast, fun and almost perfect.

Strapping yourself to a Sunfish sail/mast just because you have it creates an artificial and unneeded handicap which will most likely result in a goofy and unsatisfying white elephant of a boat that you can't even sell when you get bored with it. You could build an iceboat out of an old doghouse too, but, WHY?

An average crafstman can create every single part of an "old style" classic DN which can be made for cheap, or do what I did, build a "new school" DN (from modern plans and bought components) which isn't cheap BUT I could sell it tomorrow for 2-3X what it cost me to make (not that I ever would!). You won't want to sell yours either!

Will on White Bear Lake

I agree

I had notions of the get by boat until I took a ride in a DN (three hours straight,boy did my neck hurt) been hooked ever since and am nearing completion. Everything but stirring glue is posted in the images page under "gear". I did it a little unorthodox, but it turned out good and I havn't got alot of hard cash in it. Go for it just the same if money is really tight(I know the feeling) and you can always upgrade later.


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Home-built plans

There is an old Mechanix Illustrated plan called a FrostFish using a Sunfish rig. Boat is pretty much 2 X 4s and plywood, but it will get you on the ice. I'm afraid your rig won't be very fast since any sailboat sail tends to have way too much draft for iceboats. Seem to recall that I have a old stern-steerer plan using the same rig if you are inclined to go that way.
If you can email me at, I will see if I can dig up a set of plans or two for you.
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ice report from john davis 2 pm thurs

1" flufy snow, not drifted. maybe another 1/2" fri, john will let me know. 11 am start sat 12/29, launch site is gull point st park, 169 then 60 then 15 to hwy 90, south on 86, west side of lake past okoboji yc take 190th st left, go to ramp. call me for final call fri pm. pass the word, who's in? meyer

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