Skate sharpening

I wonder if I can get some input on runner sharpening. I've been using a friends 72" or so belt sander and 100 grit belts (the only ones he has). I set it to 45 degrees and it seems to do a good job on my DN runners but is a little short for my Skeeter runners. I'm looking at buying or building a similar but longer set-up. Any advice? Also I have heard people mention stoning to touch up a slightly dull runner. What type stone do you use and what kind of jig do you use to maintain your 45 Degree edge? How about profile? Being a one set of runners guy, is there "standard" profile? If any one has the patients to write a step by step on runner maintenance, I'm sure others would be interested too.

Source for belts.

I'm going to need a source for new 80" x3"belts. Anybody with good tip for a cheap source

Sanding belts

I purchase belts from Metal Finishing Supply in waukesha WI

21575 Doral Rd

They can match the exact length If not sure of belt length cut a old belt and measure as they make them all up as ordered.

They have red metal oxide and green Silica belts. 100 up to 400 600
Minimun order 50 bucks ? I havent order in a while but I thnk you are looking at about $7.00 or $8.00 per belt different widths also
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I do my own stunts

Everybody must get...

...machinist's stones!

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Sharpening Runners

There is an article on the "" web site. Go to the web site, click on articles, then check out "runner sharpening tips". It's pretty complete.