Week 9 Outlook for Sailing In Minnesota

Weeks 7 & 8 have been all about the North American Championships, which were sailed here in Minnesota.

This weekend looks chilly, but after today's and tomorrow's weather events, dry. The temperatures are forecast to reach the sailing envelope for next weekend, possibly above freezing near Lake Pepin.

At present, we have one known venue in the state with suitable ice, and a couple of suspects that may emerge.

  • Lake Pepin, with about 50 square miles of ice. At present Light snow is falling there, at least one forecast says we may only see light dustings on both days, but this ice checker anticipates the 1-3 inches forecast by the NWS.Red Wing Airport Webcam
  • Lake Pulaski, Buffalo needs to be checked, it could be there for us as well, an ice report is encouraged, as it looks like the snow is primarily south of the Twin Cities, and it's about 50 miles closer.This must be checked and reported

Stay Tuned, If you have ice, tell someone who might be interested!

Carpe DN


Pulaski Report

Tuesday Afternoon,

This lake may actually be "inside the envelope" in some conditions, 2 + inches of snow on rough snow ice, I do not propopose that we sail here.

It is a lake that may come around in a brief warm spell,

Pepin Update

RumRunr reports Pepin WI recieved about 3" of powder, blown around into drifts, this isn't going to be an option for a while.

They're taking quite a hit at the Bong Airport, Superior WI, -18F/-28C. (I had to) It's a boat repair weekend, too cold for outdoor sports in the region.

The thinking is this cold snap will freeze Green and Geneva Lakes in WI, as well as sections of Superior near Duluth and Bayfield, as well as Green Bay of Lake Michigan.

There will be ice in Week 9.


Grand Portage, MN? so close you can see Michigan!