Super sick DN plans?

When someone decides that they want to build a DN, where do they go to find the plans? I know the IDNIYRA has plans, but are those the plans you want to use to build a super dialed program? Advice is always appreciated...



Thanks for all the info. It is really helpful. We're scoring a set of the goodwin plans. Does anyone have any build pictures of constructing a goodwin hull?

I have a set of Goodwin plans

Maclean, I have a new set of Goodwin plans if you're interested. I ended up buying a boat instead! email me dn5355 "at"

Plans are sold

OK, everyone can stop emailing me now! :) ... I sold the plans to Maclean. FYI you can buy the plans directly from Paul Goodwin here: Paul's Plans

I used these parameters;not

I used these parameters;not so it would be legal to race, but in the event I would sell it someday and someone else would want to.

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Paul Goodwin sells a nice set of plans...

... with full-size templates.

It uses the super-sexy curvy bottom (which is a pain to build, BTW). I'll probably use those when I build my next boat.

Perhaps the most "extreme" plans are the original Gougeon plans (which are now no longer in print, I believe). If I remember correctly, the internal structure is pretty much on the minimal end of the spectrum (but I have to admit I haven't looked at a set of them in almost two years).

Thanks... can you change the

Thanks... can you change the demensions of the cockpit? I dont like to rattle around and I find it difficult to lock in with the full size set-up.

Macca, I find that very hard to believe....

You want full-size.

> can you change the

> can you change the dimensions of the cockpit?

Yes, but if you're going to deviate from an established set of plans it's a very good idea to become intimately familiar with the DN specifications to make sure you don't do something illegal.


Geoff S.

change dimensions?

You can trust the advice you're being given. The Goodwin plans are worth every penny. The location of the ribs inside the cockpit can be dialed in to your exact height. To improve your aero, you want some space in the cockpit to tuck in your arms (look at the pictures of the top guys). I'm average size (5'10") and with the boom sheeted down over my shoulder, it's hard to move anything by my toes.


Goodwin plans,their great

We built 5 boats this fall from Pauls plans and all of them turned out great,3 of the five raced in the NA;s and worked very well.I would highly recomend using the plans.

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We built ten boats with Paul's plans last fall/winter in Mark Isabell's basement, with minor mods to the hull width at your feet and the sideboard bottom shape. Steve Orelebeck took 5th at the NAs with one of them.

The DN Official plans were developed in the 1980's from Jan Gougeon's plans and are adequately strong and would make a competitive boat as well. This is a bit easier to build as the bottom is flat and none of the listings (the wood in the corners of the bulkheads) are beveled. Jan is still sailing the boat used as the basis, with some mods (now max length). Bevel the wood for lightness.

Yes, you can make the boat narrower. You can also make it deeper (stiffer)or shallower (more flexible), make the seat more upright, and the thickness of the bottom can be changed thinner easily as well. But you will likely be most happy making the cockpit as long as is legal, and the boat as wide as legal. If you rattle around, put in foam hip blocks, and keep the shoulder room. There is always debate about whether flexible or stiff boats are faster. Our new boats are more flexible and I think they are all faster.

The weakest art of the boat is at the front of the cockpit. Finger rails inside and out extending forward of the bulkhead is highly recommended there.

Read the hull rules often!

Ken Smith

Ken Smith