Ice Report 1600 hours Monday

Lake Pulaski, Buffalo, MN – Ice Report:

The lake is 5-10% clear of snow, balance has 2-4” hard drifts, underlying ice is Rough, i.e., 36 Grit Rough… without some grooming, (no system in place yet), this is not an option. -


Lake Shetek, Tyler, MN – Ice Report.

Local non-sailors report the snow substantially melted in yesterday’s 55 deg F temps, and is smoother that he thought it would be, & will send pics this afternoon, they are willing to plow/groom a "short course" if needed, & we come and drink in their bar! Details tomorrow!

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Lake Shetek

Update, Tues, 0900, Troy from Key Largo Restaurant on Lake Shetek, Slayton MN just called, one can definitely skate on the lake… plan to have it sailed late morning tomorrow… 2 - 2:15 hours west of Lake Minnetonka.

Good luck with Lake Shetek

Thinking along the same lines, I did 8 miles on Lake Shetek February 16. I generally like rough ice but that was brutal. Without the drifts, maybe a 24 grit. A lake cabin resident was nice enough to come out and tow me and my broken equiptment back to the car.