Minnetonka 4/4

Gave Mtka a try today. It seemed firm in the am, but by the time I broke free and pulled up the sail @ 5pm it had softened. Had a few short scoots but would hit spots where I would sink nearly to the plank and grind to a halt. Not looking good from here on out unless we drop back into the deep freeze.( maybe Sun night?) I have my boat sitting up on the dock just in case.

Minnetonka 4/5 - Load out.

The only time that seems to short...
The Loadout (open in new window, & turn up the volume)

I took my DN down and off the ice this afternoon, my feet stayed dry, there is a lot of water standing on the ice close in by shore. The ice further out is still very wet and the top 6 inches is of mixed stages, liquid, solid, and gas.

This reporter anticipates there will be drain holes once this crap is off to top of the good ice of which there are perhaps 2 feet remaining.

I will walk the ice tomorrow, if it’s come around, and it sure could, there’s a rookie I've promised a ride to. I'll try for a ride tomorrow... Sunday.

If there is to be another weekend on the ice this season in Minnesota, and prospects are good, for boatable conditions... It'll be someplace like Ottertail or Gull!

The ice is there... three feet of it, fast to shore... What say? One more song?

Beyond that, we can chase North maybe to Bemidji, big ice we've never sailed, or...

there's always 4th of July in Ushuaia!