Ice Prediction November 14

A detailed assesement will be posted here at 7:00 Local time today.

Ice Sailing safari next weekend

I am going to find the ice next weekend...

unless somebody finds it before then...

Certain Christina will be frozen, others may emerge.


Carpe DN


Lots of interest

You can expect 6-12 DN's to scout ice this weekend, 11/22-23.

Aim for early Saturday for Lake Christina, unless someone else hears/finds something better.

Edit: the forecast looks superb. Cold all this week (single digits at times), dry, low to mid 30's Sat/Sun and there will be wind (10-17 mph).


favorable forecast

we have a favorable forecast for the next two weeks, plenty of icemaking temperatures, little precip...

There will be a sailing expedition this coming weekend...

ice reports are expected today.


First ice?

Seems like there will definitely be some nice ice next weekend somewhere up north.

Count me in.