Braided sheet line and blocks

I am interested in information on rigging my DN with a braided sheet line. What size of line, how long the is the braid to be, what pulleys/blocks work with the braid (including mfg/part/model #'s) and anything else pertinent to this area. The pulleys on my recently obtained DN won't allow passage of a braided 1/4" line, hence any time the sheet is hauled in, the braid is in the bottom of the boat. Not much help in my estimation. Ratchet blocks, etc.???

Re: Braided main sheet


This was a topic of discussion on the Yahoo iceboating group Http://

I believe you will have to join to view the message but it is worth it.

I did a quick search and this message should help it includes pictures and all.

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John (DN 5023) in CT

that's a tough one

I made my own, and it really didn't turn out right.

Ron Sherry of Composite Concepts sales them. He has them all figured out.

With mine, the braid wasn't big enough, and then the rope didn't hold up well to being dragged on the ice.

I can give you info about the one I did if you want to know what not to do.

Braided Sheet Cont'd

Any info would be appreciated...
What size line?
What about pulleys / blocks?
Braiding is not a problem,
but it's gotta fit the pulleys.
My pulleys are plain, non-locking
and need replaced.
Ice is coming...


Harken Blocks tweak By Rast DN1313

If you have Harken 2" bullet blocks you can modify. there is a small tab at the fore and aft sides that can be broken off and the plastic can be cut out to provide more clearance for braided part of line most important on forward block on boom next to mast.the block is still picked up with the pin from port and starbord sides.might want to alter first rear pulley on the boom if your braide goes that far .