Hull numbers

We need a good source for vinyl lettering. Hull numbers are the new thing.


try Signs By Jon on the west end of Twin Cities

5445 Main St W
Maple Plain, MN 55359
(763) 227--5985‎

He does alot of decals for snowmobiles and race cars.

If you want someone to make it custom for you, he's great to work with.

For sourcing good affordable

For sourcing good affordable vinyl graphics you can also try Todd Rhey at Rhey Graphics in Racine.

His e-mail is

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Is the new rule online

Is the new rule online somewhere? What is the minimum height of the numbers?

new rules

Nick Vitale

All the new rules are in the IDNIYRA web site on the first page their is a link to the rules.

Nick Vitale

Thank you Nick, but I don't

Thank you Nick, but I don't see a link to the text of the new rules, just the voting results. Perhaps I'm missing it?

new rules

Nick Vitale

All the new rules are in the IDNIYRA web site on the first page their is a link to the rules.

Nick Vitale

Twin City Sign - taking orders now

Paul at Twin City Signs has made hundreds of boat and snowmobile numbers in the past using the best 3M cast vinyl. He is ready to help the DN community. 5 day max turnaround.

(He has done custom work for me in the past using DXF CAD files. Anything is possible!)

Click this link:


5 5 inches high minimum and

5 5 inches high minimum and .7875 in. min width

Hull Numbers

This new rule appears in the Fall 2008 "Runner Tracks" , I don't think it's on line. Basically it says the numbers must be on the hull on both sides under the mast step. They must be at least 5.5 inches high and .7874 inches wide.

Runner Tracks

Thanks Bob. I can't find that issue of runner tracks... and yes, I have found every single other one I have!

Hull Numbers On-Line

The internet of course

vinyl lettering....

I went to a office supply/stationery store and
bought a 3-inch vinyl lettering kit (made by "Duro Decal"
out of Chicago). Cut out the desired letters
from the sheets, then paint them with DuPont Fusion
paint (bonds to plastic) in the color of your choice.
Have done this for boats, snowmobiles, fish houses, etc.
Lots of letters for the buck. To change colors just buy
another can of paint.
DN 5404

Whut open water ??

Numbers---local vinyl lettering Source

So..... What happens if I don't want to put those ugly numbers on my hull? and choose not to. Personally I'm not fond of them, obviously.

For those of you who do want to put numbers on your hull.
ONe of my summer crew has a vinyl cutter, and will do a great job of printing them for you at a fair price.
Try Jeff at jhames(at) or 952-eight three eight-3860

DN 5050

DN 5050


651 292-0738, owners are from White Bear background.

good things i've heard

Don't know the guys a Lettertech & never used them but I keep hearing good things about them... doubt there's a coincidence.

There must be a reason.


FastSigns may be a good start. They have franchises all over the country, and they make press-and-peel vinyl lettering for everything from boats to office doors. You just line it up, press it on, and pull off the backer. The cost is based on square inches. You drive by one at the intersection of 394 and 494 (north side next to the Schmitt Music).

Hull numbers by a DN sailor

Hull numbers by a DN sailor for DN sailors!

$25 per set (port and starboard) for standard colors (8 to choose from), $5 more for florescents (red; green; or red for port, green for starboard). Fleets of 10 can save $50. Ten fonts to choose from. Three font styles to choose from (straight letters, 10% rake, and 20% rake).

Ten percent goes to one of three cancer charities. Includes shipping in the USA. Sales tax included in MI.

See you on the ice!

Complete details and how to order on this flyer:

DN US5250

Easy online ordering now available

Easy online ordering of DN hull numbers now at

10 colors, 10 fonts, and 3 styles to choose from that all comply with the rule and will add style to your boat.

As noted before, 10% goes to support three worthy charities that are united in the fight against cancer.

DN 5250