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A friend and I are building twin boats for next season. Solid wing boats that go very fast. Tonight during build night we just had a horrifying thought ... wait ... isn't there a 50mph speed limit? Is it enforced for ice boats? On a good day our boats should be in the 70s, but even on an ordinary day we should be over the speed limit. Anyone have any problems in this area?

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Nobody knows the Speed Limit... Yet!

The question is like that old about Your fly's open... (meaning lost to many), Riddle: What's the Speed Limit in Texas? Wide Open,

The Speed Limit, that's a question dying for an answer, and so far nobody's recently pushed the envelope in public "


Richard Jenkins wants to find out what the Speed Limit really is... http://www.greenbird.co.uk/ice-record

I expect we'll know a lot more about the IceBoat Speed Limit by about this time next year.

Who knows, maybe we can help him find the ice and breeze needed. I think it's time to start putting some times on the page with names and dates... in different types of iceboats.

Bet we know where to find the ice & big breeze, too.

More soon.

The IceMaker

speed limit?

Thanks for gently breaking

Thanks for gently breaking the news to me

next time I won't sugar coat it...

I've yet to hear about anybody from government in the US objecting to how fast Iceboats can travel, or suggesting we need to limit this, yet...

Why would officials be upset about Developing Robust Vehicles capable of traveling Faster than Freeway Speed with Zero Carbon Emissions?

The whole "legal thing" is really confusing, there are federal, (including laws on Navigation and Anchorage that may apply), state, county and occasionally city laws, often times the states and counties will try to limit what the Congress gave to We The People before 1788, sometimes they can, your mileage might vary.

Best advice, if you're going to race them, or brag about how fast you're going to go in public before you try, causing some "commercial event" to happen, you should let the local law know about your plans, bring some jelly donuts and be nice, you don't want any trouble, and the law already has enough of that on their hands.

Most people think iceboats are pretty cool and we haven't learned of much real trouble limiting scope of recreational ice sailing.

Sail safe


Thanks for the more straight

Thanks for the more straight forward answer. I couldn't read between the lines. That's good to hear that the law isn't out there "gunning" for us.

Like anything, if we're abusive, we'll be regulated. PWC are a prime example. You won't catch me buzzing ice fishermen or acting like an idiot out there. What we have going for us is that we are well behaved, quiet, and viewed as a novelty. And ... we were green before green was in. :-)

As far as Greenbird goes, the iceboat craft kind of surprises me. I wonder why it isn't like the land yacht which recently broke the land record at 126mph (one directional and high aspect wing). I'd really like to see them break the iceboat speed record too.

Cheers and yes we'll sail safe. Even our current Isabella iceboat (toys) require diligence.

Dave (Hudson WI)

BTW: It doesn't look like there is any speed limit in WI. The only thing I found was a speed limit for snowmobiles after dark.

a bigger concern

The law's the least of your concerns. Here's what they'e thinkin...

As long as everybody's "pretty sure" you're not going to have one of those CNN moments, from the helicopter, with you struggling to get into the basket and your iceboat, what you can see of it lying in the copter spray which is freezing on contact to everything... or worse, the copter shot of the ice recovery team in their gumby suits...

I mean, know the ice.

I'm not as green as you

I'm not as green as you think, but thanks for your concern.


Craig Young Hudson, WI

Dave- we should get together sometime. I live in Hudson too and would love to see your boats and talk sailing. Are you planning on sailing Lake St. Croix? My friend Kent and I sail our Nite and DN near St. Mary's Point. My number is 651-261-3196. -Craig Young

Craig Young Hudson, WI