Ice Ice Ice

Lake Monona is sailable. Greg Simon and Doug Kolner checked several area lakes today.

Greg reports that the east end of Lake Monona rates as 8 out of 10, with over 8" of ice, and a light pebbly surface.

Greg and others will sail the lake on Wednesday. Here are the schedule of events:

Thursday, January 1: 10:00 AM 4LIYC Bloody Mary Eye Opener & Holiday Series

Friday, January 2: Tuning & Scrub racing

A decision will be made by noon on Friday whether to hold the Grand Slam Regatta in conjunction with 4LIYC club racing.

Saturday & Sunday January 3-4: Possible Grand Slam Regatta & 4LIYC Racing
Location: EAST end of Lake Monona
Landing: Use the Tonyawatha Trail Landing in Monona
DO NOT DRIVE ON THE ICE! Push trailers on the ice.
Caution: Lake Monona is a big lake with several open water inlets. DO NOT VENTURE OFF ON YOUR OWN TO GO EXPLORING. These ice reports are for 4LYC club members and ice boaters who race with the club. Now would be a good time to read up on Sailing Safe & Smart.

Myer and JD are on location...

805 called and said it is very good ice, get down there now.

I walked southern Lake Champlain today can can report 4-6", rough snow ice, no snow. But I have no boat!


My comments on the

My comments on the conditions:

We were able to sail in 20 kn average winds with regular gusts to 30. Snow isn't a problem. Similar conditions to Osakis (maybe better?).

Good day on Monona...

Four 4-Lakes Club races and one "apres official" race for the DNs.

More at:

I'll post updates as we

I'll post updates as we learn more about the small snow-event coming through (currently tracking to the north) and learn tomorrow after sailing.

Some snow...

There were a few inches out a the boat shop when I left at about 10:30, with less at my house. I don't know the official total, but there's quite a bit of wind (and more forecast for tomorrow), so that may change the accumulation locally. More info. tomorrow when we have some folks sailing.

Wed. report on Lake Monona

The wind wasn't as forecast and shut down around noon, so not much sailing was done. A number of boats setup. I talked with some DNers who reported some drifts over plate runner stiffeners. Nobody complained about the surface or roughness. The lake is about 70% snow-covered.

Wind cooperating, we'll be sailing club-races Thursday, New Year's day. The wind is forecast into the mid-teens, which should provide for some good sailing.