Colder weather in next week's forecast

Getting my weather from the (weather underground) it looks like some colder air is coming in this next week. Mostly 20-30's with a 40 degree day in there somewhere. After the warmer weather this last week a doubt there's any good ice around. (All though I hope someone can prove me wrong..) All of us procrastinators, like me, have another weekend to get the boat fixed up, and get the runners sharpened. So get the boat all ready, find your winter kit, and then we'll all be ready for some new ice in the next couple of weekends.

think ice


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Jimmy I am starting to feel panicked about getting my boat ready before the ice comes. To many little things to get done!! Most importantly must sharpen runners. There is no way I am going to be standing on the side lines.

Think Black Ice!! Yippee winter is almost here.

i hear ya.

I feel a lot better after getting my chocks glued on. I really hope they are straight, but I won't be able to tell until I get out there. Sort of scary that way. Maybe they will be way off.. and then I'll have to unglue one.. I can't wait to see.