DN Plank Construction article?

Looking for a link to an online DN plank construction article if anyone knows of one.



plank construction

Try West MIchigan Club for their articles on DN construction.

Corey Hughes
Nite 341

Plank construction info

The IDNIYRA website has TONS of information on all things DN.
Copy and past the address below...

Planks: http://cerebus.winsite.com/DNboard/mesgConst/568.html

Main page: http://sailingsource.com/ice/

Hope this helps...

Think ice!


we built four planks last year

But I can't lay it all out for you, as I don't quite remember the exact process. I even took pictures of the whole deal, which, of course i can't find right now.

I'll see if I can get the gang together and review the process so we can post something about how we did it.

I'm sure one of the other club sites has an article about it. Check the links section on this site to find most of the other club sites.

good luck