Fire on Ice, Notice of Race

Notice of Race

World Ice Racing Circuit
Risdall Marketing Group 2009 North American Tour
Fire on Ice at Lake Phalen, A Saint Paul Winter Carnival Event.
It will be ammended in the sailing instructions, though not substantially.
Friday Setup in order to be sailing at 0900 is imperative, we will attempt to accomodate some late arrivals on Saturday, but you might possibly be turned away.
Track Testing Day, Lake Phalen

This is an exhibition event, its purpose is to educate and inspire a live, television and internet audience, while we showcase the boats and talented sailors who will be competing the following week in the DN World Championships to be held goodness knows where in North America.
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Neither this event, nor the WIRC. LLC. is sanctioned or in any way associated with the IDNIYRA, if anything bad happens on Lake Phalen, the IDNIYRA has absolutely nothing to do with it. The event is a Copyright event of the World Ice Racing Circuit, LLC.

We are conducting a major publicity focused ice racing event in a major city and access to the ice shall be highly restricted, public safety is great concern of the Permit Granting Authorities for this event; only those with WIRC issued passes, evidencing signed releases shall be granted access to the non public areas on the ice. Keeping our new fans in restricted areas, mostly off the ice is part our event plan approved by the St Paul Winter Carnival, and viewed as generally a pretty good idea by the WIRC.

All races will be sailed under the rules of the World Ice Racing Circuit, LLC., (The WIRC), is the sole sanctioning body and commercial rights holder for this event.

1. The sanctioned official course is one of two prepared 90 degree opposed ovals, a left turn only reaching track, of length not to exceed ½ mile, the sanctioned track design is 110’ in track width.
2. There will be continuous course obstructions, with safety run out areas in both corners, as determined by the sporting rules committee of the WIRC.
3. Equipment allowed:
a. One mast, as defined
b. One DN sail with no markings other than allowed by the IDNIYRA for amateur racing, or markings and sail materials allowed and sanctioned by the World Ice Racing Circuit.
c. Competitors shall be restricted to 9 Runners, Plates are strongly encouraged as the exclusive runners.

4. Competitors shall display a (removable) Winter Carnival Fire on Ice Equipment stickers on all allowed equipment, (Hull, Plank, Mast, Boom Sail and Runners, in the sanctioned positions. These stickers shall be in place for the duration of the event.

There will be two formats:

Stage 1: Saturday 09:00 The Phalen Time Trials, individual boat time trials on the closed course. From a standing start, they shall sail a 5,000 meter course, perhaps shorter. Competitors shall be assigned an initial starting order, and in order of time, the worst finish time may start first in following stages, each competitor having a chance to resail, attempt to better their times over the course of the event, both individual and the total of the each boat’s best time shall be recorded. Prizes shall be awarded to the top ten competitors. As a permanent record all finish times shall be carved in a Picnic Table, (just kidding), and recorded on the WIRC official website.

Scoring: Fastest time on course shall be the winner, in the event of a tie, the first recorded winning time shall prevail. Fleets for Fire on Ice shall be set based on Time Trial positions.

Format 2: Fire on Ice, Up to 6 Fleets of up to 16 competitors as determined by the Racing Steward, in consultation with race competitors, the safety committee and organizers (shall be sanctioned to sail a multiple stage series of 4-16 boat fleet sprint races, of course length determined by the Race Steward, (as sanctioned by the sporting rules/safety officers) the top four to eight boats shall sail a the final stage starting at 2:00 on Sunday Feb 1. for the Johnson Cup!

Scoring: Low point scoring system,

Dates: January 31, Feb 1, 2009
Location: Phalen Regional Park, Lake Phalen
St Paul Winter Carnival.

Friday Jan 30, Set Up day, open track, training, course orientation and registration.

Saturday Jan 31;
0900 Track Opens, Time trials
10:00 Opening Ceremony, all registered competitors are expected to attend.
Start of Time Trials and Stage 1 Fire on Ice shall immediately follow:
• “Phalen 5K” Time trials shall remain open until.
12:00 Fire on Ice, Stage 2:
2:00 Fire on Ice, Stage 3:
3:30 Track closing, autograph session
4:30 Autograph session ends.
Winter carnival Parade: Torch Light Parade
Vulcan Victory Party:

Sunday Feb 1
9:00 Track Opens
10:00 Fire on Ice Stage 4
12:00 Fire on Ice Stage 5
2:00 Fire on Ice Grand Finals
End of stage 6, Track Closed to sailing.

Closing Ceremony; awards, autograph session 3:30 Sunday.

Entry Fee: $10.00

Open to all experience levels –

Trophies: will be awarded to the top 5 places in each fleet.

Registration on the ice all day Friday Jan 30, at the Regatta Hotel Headquarters Friday night, the night before or Saturday from 8:00 to 9:00am and, electronic pre-registration is encouraged.

Official sailing instruction will be provided at registration.

Official regatta information, updates and accommodations:

All races will be governed by the Racing Rules of the World Ice Racing Circuit, National Iceboat Authority Rules, (which we have no relationship) are substantially modified by the WIRC; there is no appeal beyond this event.

These Rules may be modified by the official the Official Fire ON ICE Instructions; including any amendments thereof published prior to the start of the event.

Contact between competitors shall result in a mandatory hearing, and the sporting rules / protest committee is encouraged by the organizer & sanctioning body to disqualify both competitors from further racing, and may suspend track privileges.

Eligibility: All DN class yachts meeting the requirements of the Official Specifications as Interpreted by the WIRC Measurer, and whose skippers are whose registration documents are certified complete, are eligible and encouraged to enter and race in the championship.

Registration Requirements:

RELEASE: In order to receive full ice access, Courses, racing pits etc, an Event Ice Pass, in order to control the spectator crowd, for safety issues, all competitors and their support staff, event staff and volunteers must sign an event release of liability and grant exclusive use any images to the WIRC, LLC for any commercial purpose. If you’re going to be on the ice, you need a signed release and an Ice Pass.

Proof of insurance ($300,000) must be certified at time of registration.

Technical: All registered boats must stand for competitor inspection; No technical protests shall be heard after the start of the event.


Volunteers are needed! Consideration for pre-approved expenses is in the budget.

Track Layout and Grooming begins on Saturday Jan 24th,
• Snow Plows (pick up or Atv powered), Ice Fishermen, Augers to flood the rink, (bring auger and a milk crate to stand on) Holes bored appx 50’ apart, pump ~ 50 gal. with auger as screw pump.
• Parade Float your boat: Seeking two attractive DN’s to mount on the World Ice Racing Circuit Parade Float at the St Paul Winter Carnival Parades, Saturday Jan 24 and Saturday Jan 31.
• Decorating committee.
• Float Attendants to make follow behind the WIRC float along the 15 block parade route and handle the technical set up and take down issues.
• Race administration, registration, scoring, timekeepers, etc.
• Ambassadors / Evangelists for Iceboating: As this is a public and media event, sailors are encouraged to talk to our guests on the ice.
• These volunteers will receive full access badges, World Ice Racing Circuit Stocking Caps, and other nice things.
• Bring something to sit on and of course your coolers.

Mark Kiefer, 612-284-4550,
Peter Crawford, 952-221-0456

Media Contact:
Kevin Deshler, 651- 286 - 6700
Volunteer Coordinator: Sean Hendricksen

Figure 1: Lake Phalen, launch, parking and race areas.

Although the lake has 18” of ice, only event vehicles shall be allowed on the ice, event permits must be carried by the operators at all times.
• On the Ice Trailer only parking at the Launch Site, on the ice is recommended. Driving a vehicle on the ice is restricted to Event Staff, physically holding a copy of the Event Permit on their persons.
• Parking at the launch ramp site is limited, and reserved for Launch Only and of Course removal, event competitors, volunteers and staff are expected to park in our Special Reserved Event Lot, at Phalen Park Golf Course lot, and ride our shuttle van from parking lot to either launch site or event site.
• Tow vehicles (ATV’s) courtesy of Kline Motor sports will be available to tow iceboats to the event area if sailing is not practical.
Figure 2: Sailing Area Detail
One Track shall be the active track during events, with time trial and heat fields staged on the dormant track, to facilitate maximum sailing time during the entire weekend event.

Track details:
• Overall length: 400 meters / 1,312 feet
• Track width: 33.6 meters / 110 feet (Identical to the Talladega Motor Speedway.
Inside Corner Radius: 36-45 feet.

• Attempts will be made to minimize the height of track boundary snow piles, and consequently the possibility of damage or injury caused by contact with the “wall”.
• Our plan is to maximize snow on the inside of the track to minimize the chances for damage or injury in a spinout or hitting the outside wall.

• Safety run out zones are located at the end of each straight away, it’s planned to leave enough snow cover in the run out areas to safely slow a boat at speed.

This notice may be modified by the sailing instructions…

NOR with maps of Lake Phalen

This website has maps of Lake Phalen and location of entrance to lake by vehicle for racers and boats only.
It also shows the track and spectator viewing area.



my moneys on the plates,fast tacking on short track.hoe for a decent x-wind Maker. Day 14 down here,in spite of a taste of the white stuff. a 3" " dusting last night.9" black ice underneath.10mph allows efficient up and downs,have fun up there! this is similar to sailing a river oxbow,long and narrow (shallow) puddles along the Illinois river(Lake Meredosia).A riot if wind cooperates.

if the wind cooperates...


A dn's pretty robust in the angles, and you can go too fast on this course, you have to downshift, think brakes would be a good idea next year? It can sail on smooth ice in the faintest of wind..

Maybe more robust than say almost every fixed wing airplane's known landing headings, give or take a few percent, or so.

We have two track configurations laid out that seem almost on the same headings as MSP airport. Seems like it's plausible.

Now odds are the biggest challenge we have is learning to sail the track... what is the right line thru the turns, and Red Course and Green Course are of different inside diameter... they are different tracks, you will like one better than the other, we hope.

I'm bettin the whole worm farm that if theres more than 3 mhp of wind in any direction, we'll rock the house! I'll bet any taker 20 bucks we sail be sailing all the time, and, we sail our necks sore.

and really wonder what those people will think.

I'm bringing my highest crown little plates she turns like an X wing on those. Going short Wheelbase too, maximum forward... and don't have shit for top end.

and you're gonna be tv stars...