Fire on Ice Help Wanted Sections...

Many have asked what they could do to help!

There are some opportunites to be involed in a visually significant and important role in this milestone event, the Quest for the Johnson Cup... 42 years in the making!

I'm looking for leaders, people who want to make a difference in our sport.

If you have an interest, and are available, ALL EVENT SETUP AND TRACK TESTING BEGINS AT 0800, THERE IS SOME HEAVY LIFTING AT 10:00 with at least one Stern Steerer to be erected. along side a very old display dn, smithsonian grade?.

Other trophy grade display boats are welcome, please advise, this must remain rational.

Many other sponsor partners and key resources are scheduled then. ATV's for Event Support, Warming Houses, Tent, Scaffold, and a few roles listed in the comments section.


Volunteer Coordinator

Serve as the central point of contact for people who want to be involved. A Red Jacket Position.

Assess capabilies, and inventory contact information and roles desired.

Maintain a clear dialog with the Red Jacket People in our execution team in making magic.

Event & Sponsor (Red Jacket) Point of Contact Patrick B. from Risdall on their needs supporting things like press requests for interview, etc. present available options, make hand off.

Producer, Kevin from Risdall, re, needs of TV Crew.

Track Boss (Red Jacket): Open Req. Present the courses for sanction at 2:00 today. Using pipeline of available resouces and 911 capabilites to the metro market...

Steward (Red Jacket): This person sanctions the course length time and track safety issues. Additionally the Steward certifies WIRC to sail single time trials having safely demonstrated sailing a rational course and stopping successfully. Your first priority is to sanction 12 boats as track worthy. Capapble of time trials.

Official track time keeper: this individidual will assure a minimum of four track timers are on board with devices

Communications Officer; coordinates sources and uses for vhf radios, in Race operations, assures loaned equipment is returned.

there are many things... many roles, many hands make light work, it's a party.

Refreshment Coordinator: Assures race and track operations are properly nourished.


this key race official will call racers to the line and assure a fair start.

You control the starting and track caution and finish flags.

Key requirments are 4 36" dowels to serve as flag holders.

Entire list will be posted here later today...