MN sailors, local ice report please...

What is going on over that way?

Is the Zamboni on nitrous or what?


Update - ice conditions on North 1/2 of Lake Winnebago WI

Walked out on the ice at Neenah WI, 3-4 inches of water pooling in places, drain holes and cracks allowing water to drain , top 2-3 inches of surface ice is easily kicked away, no snow remains on the ice. Sturgeon spearing is scheduled to begin Saturday Feb 14. Holes will be allowed to be cut starting Thursday Feb 12. 15-18 + inches of ice is common across the north end of the lake with few ice shanties. Daytime Hi Temps are forcasted thru the weeked to remain in the upper 30's with lows of mid teen's at night. Provided colder temperatures return the week of Feb 15th things have the potential to be sailable. Currently the surface ice is soft so heavy weekend traffic will take a toll.

drain holes on Tonka

Walked two locations on Tuesday afternoon on Minnetonka -- Cooks Bay and Smithtown Bay. Still very wet with fairly large drainage holes scattered about -- some as large as 18" in diameter.

I plan on tearing up the

I plan on tearing up the lower St Croix in the days to come. Stay away from Afton and Hudson as the river likes to stay open in the narrow channels. The rest of the in between has 2+ feet of ice with very little if any, other human activity. Acess is the biggest challenge, but a short carry across St Croix Beach should get your boat to good ice. Parking on the road is a no no, but a block away is the parking lot. There should be at least two of us out.


knee deep in the Hoopla

did 22 miles yesterday 02/11

did 22 miles yesterday 02/11 on the Croix . conditions were as expected.Puddles froze up today and by 02/13 should be nice. I'll be on thice tommorrow by three P.M.

knee deep in the Hoopla

gonna get cold again

looks good for local iceboating this weekend...pretty stoked, got a lot of people interested in getting rides. Just hope the snow gods give us a break and stay away for awhile so we can get some runs.

the good rev

Minnetonka, Tuesday 7 AM

Tonka's snow is gone. Full of water. Just watched a fisherman drive by my house. Looked like a tire-test commercial.