Just got off Tonka

Wow... Who would have thought you could Ice boat on Tonka in Feb.

I took my Nite and Mike Maloney took his DN and we sailed around the whole lake today.

Conditions are Fair to Good. Where there has been a lot of car traffic and ice fishing, the conditions are fair. Pretty rough and bumpy from ruts etc. I've sailed in worse. Elsewhere is good.

The puddles have frozen over but still have water pockets underneath. The DN didn't have any trouble going over the top but the Nite would break thru occasionally. The worst is on the ice roads where they had plowed before. That brought the Nite to a stop.

Best ice locations.

* Lafayette bay. Not so rough with some shell ice.
* NW of Bay of Pigs on Big Island. Same, not so rough with less shell ice than Lafayette.
* NW part of main lake

Bad Ice:
* Excelsior Bay. Lots of ruts
* Tonka Bay, Echo Bay, BI Cut. Lots of ruts and bumps

Overall: Priceless

Nite 286