Lake Phalen track is open

For those not heading out to Michigan for the Worlds, come join the local DN class for a day of fun at Lake Phalen. The track was scouted again on Thursday and looks better than ever.
There is a N/S track and an E/W track. Wind on Saturday is predicted to be around 15-18 MPH out of WNW and around 32F.
Should be ideal conditions, similar to last Sunday's epic day during the Fire on Ice. All you need is a sharp steering runner and any DN.
We can have some tune up races. Since it is the only ice in the midwest, time to get it is now. It won't last all winter and no definite plans to keep the tracks plowed.

Off I35E and Larpenter Ave in St Paul. North side of Lake Phalen has a boat ramp plowed right to the courses. It is off Frost Ave and E Shore Drive. Take a right at E Shore, next to condo units. About 2 blocks to ramp. The road on the lake is slippery!
The courses are on the SW part of the lake. Can't miss them.
At least 5 DN sailors are known to be coming. Spread the word.
Questions? Mike 612-868-2949

Saturday was a hoot!

We had 8 DN's out on the N/S track in 15-17 MPH. The track was in great condition. The gibe was critical in steering tight enough without spinning out or hitting the wall. A couple runners ran up the snow edge, but were able to continue with no mishap! Only issue was sore necks with many 10-12 lap rips around. Even had 6 on the track at one time! Everyone was curtious and no contacts were reported.

A group of ice skaters were also enjoying the great skating rink. They stayed on the E/W track. The city should love us for creating such a nice skating rink. Some spectators were out shooting photos in close up range and will email to Mike & Tom. As we were leaving at 4PM, a Nite was unloading to take a few rips. He drove in from Hudson Wi.
We drove right down the hill from the Beach House and unloaded and put cars in lot. Very efficient. Some reported that a small fence across the access on the North side of lake, but could easily be moved.
Sunday may be good if wind is above 8-10MPH. Then a little rain and snow coming.

Good times!

Thanks to Paul Randall for taking pictures.

Sailing the track on Lake Phalen 2/7/09

Sat. looks like the day. I

Sat. looks like the day. I have permission. Count me in as no. 6. DN5417