DN Western Regionals this weekend???

Re: Western Regional Championship postponed to Feb 21-22 (OR NOT)
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Well, we have ice, and no other competing regatta in the Western Region. And several active sailors have asked that we try to get the regatta in THIS weekend.

So the call will be tomorrow (Thursday Feb 19) at 3 PM. YES, NO, or LATER.

Sites under consideration:

-- Geneva Lake, WI, west end (Near the city of Lake Geneva, launch at Linn Ave). Report is: Snow event Wednesday had no effect. Shore is suspect, trailers on ice is possibility, no driving. A Beaucraft and Stern steerer regatta will be taking place in the center of the lake off the Yacht club and Williams Bay. The whole lake is sailable and has been sailed end-to-end several times this week, take care crossing seams. A little rough, but sailed by DNs last Sunday.

--Green Lake, WI, Ice is smooth and safe, covered today by one inch of wet snow. It was sailed today and will be sailed Thursday after a cold night to check sailability by DNs and assess teh degree the snow got hard.

-- From west of west, there are reportedly many lakes that are possibilities, looking for detailed reports to be placed on this site ASAP.

I know, indecision is a key to indifference, but we have a free weekend, ice, and spring approaches along with all the deferred regattas.

Please comment, if you desire.

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Ken Smith

Western Regional postponed

This was just posted to the DN forum.
Looks like Minnetonka will have a good local crowd. Is there another launch site near Allen's, since the street may get crowded. I am ready for all 3 days on main lake.

Re: Western Regional Championship postponed to Feb 28 - Mar 1
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Well we HAD ice.

Green Lake drifted late last night and is not usable for a regatta this weekend.

Lae Geneva is OK now at the East end, but is forecast to get up to six inches of snow by midday Saturday.

Minnetonka is being sailed this weekend, but no regatta permit in hand means no regatta there.

SO we postpone.

Zamboni weather is forecast this week so we'll be looking for ice again next week.

Ken Smith


we have perfect ice, come up here

we were all planning on going next weekend as per our rules and schedule. don't think anyone coming from here as we have perfect ice on minnetonka. have scheduled 24 race on sat/sun.

ya xxxxx