2009 Northwestern on Lake Geneva

I just got a report from JD;

He's driving around on the ice, hasn't seen any drain holes, really nice - spring ice... The regular friday morning registration/big boat setup/noon racing..

I guess tommy is in route today for the noon racing.

Sounds pretty good... expectations are high.
check out GORDY's LIVE WEB CAM

looks great..

official NIYA page

After seeing that cam, I am there!

I am leaving 5 am Sat.


You guys missed some nice sailing

I went up early Sat and made the second DN race. Saturday was a little light, Sunday was a little strong, both days were 100% sailable on very fast ice with no snow at all.

Racing was called off for Sunday - reason was 14G22 at the airport at 9:30 am. 30 minutes later it was 14G18; when I left at 2 pm it was 10G18 and all type of boats were ripping about.

About 7 DN's rigged and lapped Geneva a few times with no issues.

In all honesty, it was not the velocity that was the show-stopper but rather the huge 45 degree shifts. I never auto-tacked a DN before today!

The Nites looked like they were having a super regatta with at least 7 races over two days.